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Airit iOS Intervew Questions

Location : Charni Road, Mumbai
Date : Oct, 2018
Mode : Telephonic

1. What is multiplier?
2. Difference between multiplier and ratio.
3. I have one button and I want my button size will be changed according to device size, what you will prefer? Multiplier or Ratio? Why?
4. Difference between struct and class.
5. What is stack and heap?
6. Can you explain MVC through UITableView?
7. HeightForRowAtIndexPath is view or controller part in MVC?
8. Difference between notification center and delegates?
9. What is category?
10. Query for last inserted row in SQL database.
11. I have array of 10000 dictionary. And In dictionary, I have name and age key. I want find indexes of name as 'Manan Shah' in dictionary. How we can find?
12. How to take common elements from two array?
13. Why containsObject : Id why Id type in containsObject?
14. What is p12 file?
15. What is pem file?
16. What is benefit of Singleton object over static object?
17. Is it possible to update Singleton object?
18. Is it possible to update Singleton value?
19. Which delegate method called when app icon is clicked?
20. If I click on app icon while app is background which delegate method is called?
21. Which delegate method called when I click on push notifications?
22. Add column query in sqlite
23. What is method swizzling?
24. Difference between innerjoin and outerjoin?
25. Difference between strong and weak property.
26.Difference between nill and null.
27. What is completion handler?
28. Why we need completion handler?
29. Difference between completion handler and notification center.
30. Difference between frames and bounds.
31. What is the highest priority?
32. What is NSCoder?
33. Can we send our latitude and longitude to the server, but in the background or not running mode?

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