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TCS iOS Interview Questions

Location: India
Date: 17-Mar-2022

  1. What is constructor
  2. Difference between swift and obj c and which is better?
  3. Difference between classes and structure, which will require more memory?
  4. What are execution states?
  5. What is stack view?
  6. Difference between guard let and if let()?
  7. What is Tagging?
  8. How to test accessibility in Xcode?
  9. About json and API.
  10. What is super init() and init()?
  11. What is tuple?
  12. What is set?
  13. Difference between tuple and set.
  14. Difference between background state & inactive state?

Location : India
Date : March, 2021

  1. Difference between Swift and Objective C.
  2. What is protocol oriented languages?
  3. Difference between OOPS and POPS ?
  4. What are higher order function?
  5. Difference between map and flat map?
  6. What is compact map?
  7. Difference between MVC and MVVM.
  8. What is optional?
  9. What is optional binding?
  10. Difference between if let and guard let.
  11. What are application states?
  12. How to run our application continuously running in the background?
  13. What is lazy?
  14. What is weak and unowned?
  15. Difference between KVO and Delegate.
  16. What are solid principles?
  17. Difference between GCD and OperationQueue?
  18. Difference between escaping and non-escaping closure.
  19. What is codable?
  20. How to upload your own framework to cocoapods?
  21. How can you move from 4 commits to one commit?
  22. What is git squash?
  23. What is rebase in git?
  24. Difference between management and leadership skill.
Location: Bangalore
Date: March, 2021

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  1. I have attended to the technical interview for TCS, the questions that they have asked is:
    1. what is constructor
    2. diff b/w swift and obj c, which is better
    3. diff b/w classes and structure, which will require more memory
    4. what are execution states
    5. what is stack view
    6. diff b/w guard let and if let()
    7. what is Tagging
    8. how to test accessibility in xcode
    9. about json and API
    10. what is super init() and init()
    11. what is tuple
    12. what is set , diff b/w tuple and set
    13. diff b/w background state & inactive state
    14. code for orientation