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Infosys iOS Interview Questions

August, 2018

  1. What was the latest version of iOS you worked with? What do you like about it and why?
  2. ‌What is an iOS application and where does your code fit into it?
  3. ‌What features of Swift do you like or dislike? Why?
  4. ‌How is memory management handled on iOS?
  5. What do you know about singletons? Where would you use one and where would you not?
  6. Could you explain what the difference is between Delegate and KVO?
  7. ‌What design patterns are commonly used in iOS apps?
  8. ‌What design patterns besides common Cocoa patterns do you know of? -> MVC
  9. ‌Could you explain and show examples of SOLID principles?
  10. What options do you have for implementing storage and persistence on iOS?
  11. ‌What options do you have for implementing networking and HTTP on iOS?
  12. ‌How and when would you need to serialize and map data on iOS?
  13. ‌What are the options for laying out UI on iOS?
  14. ‌How would you optimize the scrolling performance of dynamically sized table or collection views?
  15. How would you execute asynchronous tasks on iOS?
  16. How do you manage dependencies?
  17. ‌How do you debug and profile things on iOS?
  18. ‌Do you have TDD experience? How do you unit and UI test on iOS?
  19. Do you code review and/or pair program?

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