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ARC - Automatic Reference Counting

Ans : Automatic Reference Counting is memory management feature in iOS that provides automatic referencing counting system. According to attribute type of property like retain and release, it increment and decrements reference count at runtime.

ARC is does not handle reference cycle automatically. 

Unlike garbage collection, ARC does not handle reference cycles automatically.

Default property attributes : 

i> Memory management : strong  weak  copy  assign 
ii> Thread Safety : atomic nonatomic
iii> Mutability : readwrite readonly

@property (strong, atomic, readwrite) NSArray *name;

For IBOutlet,

@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UILabel *label;

@property (weak) IBOutlet UILabel *instructions;
In 2015, apple recommend to use Strong.

To stop retain cycle, user should mention weak reference when needed.

Q : What is retain?
A.Retain works same as Strong according to apple document. If we assign retain, it will convert to strong or consider as Strong. 

Read : Difference between Strong and Weak attribute

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