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Difference between Swift and Objective C

Ans : 

1. Swift is easier to read :

Swift removes @ symbol which exists in objective C.
Swift removes also legacy convention like semicolon at end of  statement.
Swift's method and function are easily called and [[ ]] are removed which exists in Objective C.

2. Swift is easier to maintain :

There are only 1 file to maintain name.swift. In objective c, there are .h and .m file for one viewcontroller or any views. So in swift, we have to maintain less files.

3. Swift is safe :

Optional type make the possibility of nil value very clearly, which means it generate compiler error as you write bad code instead of run time. So it reduce programmer's time due to not run the program for checking and resolve it after error coming run time.

4. Swift is robust in memory management :

ARC is available in Objective C but it supports only for Cocoa API and object oriented code. It does not support for procedural C code and Core Graphics API. So its programmer responsibility to mange memory. So it may have memory leak issue. Swift supports ARC for both procedural and object orientated code.

5. Swift less code :

+ sign concatenate two string in swift.
No need to remember value type token as %d, %s, %c like objective C. Swift does not require this type of token.

6. Swift is faster :

7. Swift supports dynamic library :

iOS doesn't support dynamic library untill released of swift and iOS 8.

8. Swift has playground :

Useful when programmar want to test 5 to 10 lines of code, he can test on playground instead of creating new application.

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  1. Swift supports multi paradigm such as Oops, Pops and Structured programming.