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What is subclassing?

Ans : Subclassing is way of inheriting property of one class to another class. Child class inherit all behaviour of parent class. Let's talk about UIImageView.

NSObject > UIResponder > UIView > UIImageView

I have made one class as SpecialImageView which inherit UIImageView.  So SpecialImageView is subclass and UIImageView is parent class.

Suppose I want  5 imageview in my viewcontroller, which has default behaviour like borderWidth =2, broderColor = blue. 

So I have written this behaviour in SpecialImageView class once. All those 5 images are as SpecialImageView instead of UIImageView. 

So I do not need to write to all this behaviour for every 5 imageviews. So subclassing gives benefit of customisation of any class.

When we want custom UITableViewCell then we need to make subclass of UITableViewCell.

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