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Difference between pod install and pod update

Ans : 

pod install

This is to be used the first time you want to retrieve the pods for the project, but also every time you edit your Podfile to add, update or remove a pod.

Every time the pod install command is run — and downloads and install new pods — it writes the version it has installed, for each pods, in the Podfile.lock file. This file keeps track of the installed version of each pod and locks those versions.
When you run pod install, it only resolves dependencies for pods that are not already listed in the Podfile.lock.
For pods listed in the Podfile.lock, it downloads the explicit version listed in the Podfile.lock without trying to check if a newer version is available
For pods not listed in the Podfile.lock yet, it searches for the version that matches what is described in the Podfile (like in pod 'MyPod', '~>1.2')

pod outdated

When you run pod outdated, CocoaPods will list all pods which have newer versions than the ones listed in the Podfile.lock (the versions currently installed for each pod). This means that if you run pod update PODNAME on those pods, they will be updated — as long as the new version still matches the restrictions like pod 'MyPod', '~>x.y' set in your Podfile.

pod update

When you run pod update PODNAME, CocoaPods will try to find an updated version of the pod PODNAME, without taking into account the version listed in Podfile.lock. It will update the pod to the latest version possible (as long as it matches the version restrictions in your Podfile).

If you run pod update with no pod name, CocoaPods will update every pod listed in your Podfile to the latest version possible.

What will happened if I delete pod.lock file?

Ans : After first time run pod install, Podfile.lock will be generated.

The purpose of Podfile.lock is tracking of every version of every library that Cocoapods has installed for you, especially working together with a team.

In team there are two guys working, Narendra and Amit.

  • Narendra has made project and install library named Demo Library Version 1.3.3
  • After some days, Demo Library is updated to 1.4.0. and Narendra not hit command pod update  as he is happy with 1.3.3
  • Amit copy narendra's project and hit command pod install, then 1.4.0 will be installed(if Podfile.lock is not there).
  • So here is how Podfile.lock work, record the version of what Narendra had installed, then cocoapods will check what version Narendra had installed and then install on Amit's project. (1.3.0)
  • But if Amit hit command pod update, then in pod.lock file, version changed to 1.4.0 .
So Podfile.lock file should not be deleted if we work on team. And so Podfile.lock file should be checked while using source control.

Everyone should take care while hitting command pod install and pod update. Choose wisely between those. While update pod update, we should ask to our teammate.

Another nice feature is cocoapods will create a snapshot of every library while using source control.

Understand from : Video

When we use pod deinit?

Ans. :

To remove pods from a project completely you need to install two thing first...those are follows(Assuming you have already cocoa-pods installed in your system.)...
  1. Cocoapods-Deintegrate Plugin
  2. Cocoapods-Clean Plugin
  1. Cocoapods-Deintegrate Plugin
    Use this following command on your terminal to install it.
    sudo gem install cocoapods-deintegrate
  2. Cocoapods-Clean Plugin
    Use this following command on your terminal to install it.
    sudo gem install cocoapods-clean
First of all goto your project folder by using the as usual command like..
cd (path of the project) //Remove the braces after cd
Now use those two plugins to remove it completely as follows..
  1. Cocoapods-Deintegrate Plugin
    Use this following command on your terminal to deintegrate the pods from your project first.
     pod deintegrate
Deintegrating Pods
  1. Cocoapods-Clean Plugin
    After deintegration of pod from your project use this following command on your terminal to clean it completely.
     pod clean
    After completing the above tasks there should be the Podfile still remaining on your project directory..Just delete that manually or use this following command on the terminal..
     rm Podfile
Thats it...Now you have your project free from pods...Cleaned.
Removing Cocoapods from the system.
Any way try to use the following command on your terminal to uninstall/remove the coca-pods from your system.
sudo gem uninstall cocoapods
It will remove the coca-pods automatically.
Thanks. Hope this helped.