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Capegemini iOS Interview Questions

Location : Pune
Date : March, 2019

1. Explain About application authentication.
2. Tableview reuse in different controllers in different class ( can we have same identifier)
3. Design patterns with architecture.
4. MVC vs MVVM calls.
5. Deletion rules in Core Data.
6. How to mutate structure variable without using mutating function variables.
7. Data passing from completion handler from one view controller to another while API calling.
8. Weak vs unowned variable. Is weak/unowned variable used in @non-escaping variable?
9. What is agile? Spikes in Agile.
10. Enlist & explain various GitHub Commands.
11. GCD vs NSoperation Queue. Explain NSOPERATION Priority.
12. Class vs Structure in Deep.
13. Explain Ssl pinning.
14. Explain all access specifiers.
15. What is database concurrency?
16. Explain VIPER.
17. Create a class that can not be subclassed. -> Ans : Use final
18.  Explain error handling.


Location : Airoli, Mumbai
Date : 18-Jan-2020

1. Difference between REST and SOAP api. Which one is most secure? Which one you will choose for your application and Why?
2. What is new in Swift 5.1?
3. What is string interpolation in Swift 5.1?
4. Which tools is used for Crashlytics?
5. what is .dysm file? Where you can get that file?
6. ViewController Lifecycle
7. Difference between Class and Struct.
8. What is flag in memory for local variables?
9. In Swift, which inheritance support, multiple inheritance or multilevel inheritance?
10. Make one protocol and how to implement, write code.
11. Can protocol be file private?
12. Can we make init method in protocol?
13. What is QOS?
14. What is access specifier?
15. Difference between Open and Public.
16. How to pass data from one view controller to another view controller?
17. Types of apple account. What is for enterprise account?
18. What types of certificates are needed in iOS development and deployment?
19. Is distribution certificate support wild mark (*) ?
20. What is vary trait in auto layout?
21. What is content hugging priority?

Location : Mumbai
Date : March, 2021

  1. What is singleton?
  2. What is major changes in Swift 5, that is not in Swift 4.2 ?
  3. Difference between FCM and APNS.
  4. What is silent notification?
  5. Is it possible to get silent notification via APNS ?
  6. How to implement APNS?
  7. How to get notification with image?
  8. What is higer order function?
  9. Difference between Class and Structure.
  10. What is protocol?
  11. Can we use multiple inheritance in Swift?
  12. Tell me about Core Data Stack.
  13. How to implement multi threading in Core Data?
  14. How to implement multi threading in Swift?
  15. What is content hugging priority?
  16. What is content compression priority?
  17. In iphone, I want to show tableview and In iPad, I want to show collection view. How to do this?
  18. What is CI/CD ?
  19. How to know where memory leak happening?
  20. Tell me procedure to upload app to appstore.

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