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Zomato iOS Interview Questions

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka
Date : Feb, 2019

  1. Explain about Lazy properties.
  2. What is Operator overloading?
  3. What is Unmanaged objects?
  4. Different types of Control statements.
  5. Access Controls in Swift.
  6. Different type of sort algorithm.
  7. Persistent storage in iOS.
  8. Difference between Stackview and Normal View.
  9. Difference between class and structure. 
  10. Explain Delegate & protocol for Data passing in swift.
  11. Which platform is better, iOS or Android ? In terms of development. Give examples to support your answer.
  12. Difference between Frame and bounds ?
  13. What is ARC ?
  14. Are delegates strong or weak? -> Weak
  15. What are strong and weak properties ?
  16. How to implement real time in an app?
  17. How you handle & manage data offline and online?

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