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Globant iOS Interview Questions

Location : Pune
Month : Feb, 2020
Experience : 5+ Years

Screening :

  1. Difference between struct and class?
  2. Access modifiers in Swift.
  3. Features that is in Swift but not in Objective C.
  4. Different task available in NSURLSession?
  5. What are content hugging and resistance priority? 
First Round (Swift Only): 
  1. How to get value from optional?
  2. Difference between struct and class.
  3. Is it possible to declare array with nil like [1,2,3,nil,5,6]
  4. How to do sum of above array using higher ordered function? Write program for that.
  5. Can you write singleton class in swift? 
  6. What are access specifier in swift? Which one is default access specifier?
  7. Difference between Open and Public.
  8. How to use pass by reference as parameter of function?
  9. What is subscript?
  10. Can you define closure, which take string, return integer, count characters and return count?
  11. What is closure? 
  12. Can I replace closure in place of function or function in place of closure?
  13. Difference between closure and function? Can I pass function as parameter of another function?
  14. Why swift is considered as protocol oriented language? What are new features in protocol due to swift considered as Protocol oriented language?
  15. Write a code for calling rest api to fetch data from api using NSURLSession and for Codable protocol confirmed struct?
  16. What is protocol extension?
  17. What is property observer?
  18. What is design patterns? How many types of design patterns are there?  
  19. Difference between encapsulation and abstraction.
  20. Difference between objective c and swift protocol
  21. How to write unit testing code in Xcode?
  22. What is generics? Write a program to make and use generics.
  23. Make different design for portrait and landscape in Xcode.
2nd Round : 
  1. What are new features in swift 5?
  2. What is ABI Stability?
  3. What is app thinning and why it has more power in new swift 5?
  4. What are source, version, binary type compatibility?
  5. Is there possibility for interoperability between objective c and swift? What are things which are not interoperable between swift and objective c?
  6. What is bridging header?
  7. Is it possible to code written in swift is interoperable in objective c?
  8. Have you worked with dependancy manger, Carthage, cocoa pods?
  9. When we use pod deinit? 
  10. What will happened if I delete pod.lock file?
  11. How to upload framework to cocoa pods?
  12. Which cocoa pods version you are using?
  13. Which access modifier you will use if you want to expose methods to different module? -Open, Public
  14. Difference between public or open?
  15. What is internal access specifier?
  16. How to use decoder and encoder ? How to map your model class struct with json data?
  17. Is it mandatory keep name of your struct para name same as json data?
  18. Can we declare optional methods in swift protocol? That protocol can be used for classes and structure both?
  19. Is objective-C support struct?
  20. What is SSL pinning?
  21. Can we store object in user default?
  22. What are best way to implement if large data is coming from core data and show data on tableview?
  23. Difference between collection view and tableview?
  24. What are different delegate and datasource for UICollectionView?
  25. Is ARC for swift or iOS?
  26. Is outlet should be weak or strong?
  27. What is capturelist in closure? Why to need mention [weak self] in closure?

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