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UITableview and UICollectionview

Similarity :
The way to setup both with cell registration, dequeing cells, specifying size and heights are pretty much the same.

Diffrence :
1. The collection view is much more robust in terms of layout features and other things like animations.
Tableiw is a simple list, which displays single-dimensional rows of data. It’s smooth because of cell reuse and other magic.

2. UICollectionView is the model for displaying multidimensional data . 
UITableViewhas a couple of styles of cells stacked one over the other. You should not try to bend it to do any other kind of things too much complex than that kind of layout.

3. UICollectionView is a much more powerful set of classes that allow modifying almost every aspect of how your data will appear on the screen, especially its layout but also other things.

Advantage of Collectionview :
The biggest advantage of using collection view is the ability to scroll horizontally.
 If you want multiple columns in your apps then UICollectionView is the best way to do it. 

It is possible to have multiple columns in table view as well but it gets really messy since you are dealing with and array to display data in a table view.

UICollectionView Supports complex layouts. Apple provides you with something called UICollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout which provides you the flow of left and right as well as up and down.

UICollectionView supports custom animations based on different layouts which again cannot be done in UITableView.

Disadvantage of Collectionview (Advantage of Tablvieview over) :

Major disadvantages of using UICollectionView is auto sizing of your cells. It takes a lot of trial and error to get auto sizing to work correctly. UITableView wins here as all you have to do is return UITableView automatic dimensions for the height of your row in each one of your cells.

Summary :
If you need more control over your layout, go with UICollectionView, If you need simple list go with UITableview.


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