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Difference between Delegate and Datasource

Ans :

A delegate type object responds to actions that another object takes.
i.e  the UITableViewDelegate protocol has methods such as didSelectRowAtIndexPath for performing actions upon a user selecting a particular row in a table and willDisplayCell which called before delegate use cell to draw row.

DataSource type object gives data to another object.
i.e UITableViewDataSource protocol has methods such as cellForRowAtIndexPath and numberOfSectionInTaboeView dictating what should be displayed in the table.

Understanding Delegate in More Detail : 

If Object X call Object Y to perform an action. Object X should know when Object Y complete task and take action after that. 

Here we can tell that X is delegate object of Y. Y will have a reference of X. So X will implement delegate methods of Y. So Y can notify to X via delegate method.

One more point we can say that Delegate about controlling of UI and DataSource about controlling data.

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