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Difference between Swift and Objective C


01Swift is a general-purpose, high-level programming language which is highly concerned about safety, performance.Objective C is an general purpose language which is considered as superset of C language it was designed in an aim of providing object-oriented capabilities.
02.It was developed by Chris Lattner with eventual collaboration with other programmers at Apple.It was developed by Brad Cox and Tom Love at their company Stepstone.
03.It was influenced by Objective C, Rust, Ruby, Python.It was influenced by C and Smalltalk.
04.Swift was first appeared on the year 2014.Objective C was first appeared on the year 1984.
05.Swift is static type.Objective C is dynamic type.
06.Swift is apache licensed open source project.Objective C is licensed under General Public License.
07.It only have classes.It has both Structs and classes.
08.It was designed for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch.Objective C was designed to be smalltalk messaging features.
09.Swift polymorphism does not exist directly.Polymorphism in Objective C exist directly in compile time.
10.It uses true and false values.It uses YES and NO values and also BOOl.
11.Swift has multiple types of templates than Objective C.Objective C has lacks of templates than Swift.

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