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Emproto Technologies Interview Questions

Location : Bengluru, Karnatak
Method : Telephonic
Date : August, 2019

  1. What is disadvantage of apple map kit?
  2. What types of api provided by MapMyIndia?
  3. What are SOLID principles?
  4. What are OOPS Concepts? Explain all.
  5. Which are run-time polymorphism and compile-time polymorphism?
  6. Does swift supports method overloading?
  7. Difference between Class and Struct?
  8. What is closure in Swift?
  9. Can we use weak for closure?
  10.  What are extension? Difference between category in Objective C and extension Swift?
  11.  What is protocol extension?
  12.  What is protocol?
  13.  What are optional? How can we unwrap optional value?
  14.  What are optional binding? What are optional chaining?
  15.  What is difference between guard let and if let?
  16.  What is concurrency management and How we can handle it?
  17.  What is IBDesignable and IBInspectable?
  18.  What is content hugging priority and content resistance priority? Difference between them.
  19.  What is encodable?
  20.  What is Core Data Stacks?
  21.  What is delete rule in Core Data?
  22.  How can you achieve memory management in Swift?
  23.  Have you ever used strong and weak reference in your project and Why?
  24.  Which design pattern have you used?

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