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Infrasoft Technologies iOS Interview Questions

Location : Andheri, Mumbai
Date : June, 2019

  1. What are oops concepts?
  2. What is abstraction?
  3. What is difference between abstraction and encapsulation?
  4. What is entry point of iOS Application?
  5. Is there any main file is available in swift?
  6. Application state
  7. When I get a phone call when app is in foreground, in which state, app goes?
  8. What is difference between assign and retain?
  9. What are design pattern?
  10. Which design pattern are you using?
  11. In mvc, is there direct communication between view and model?
  12. We are not getting response from api after much time and loader is still shown, how can you handle this?
  13. Why SOAP is more secure than REST?
  14. Response is in which format in SOAP and in REST?
  15. Do you know different background modes? i.e push notification, location, bluetooth, audio play
  16. Do you know optional in swift?
  17. How push notification works?
  18. What is use of reduced in higher order function?
  19. What is new in xCode 10.2?
  20. If you wanna go to another branch for doing some work, and after some time you wanna come back to your previously saved work, how you can manage in GIT?
  21. Design iphone landscape, how you go with it?
  22. What is frame and bounds?
  23. How you can add column in entity in core data that can be also added in next release?
  24. What is ssl pinning?
  25. What you are using for giving security of data in your app?

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