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Leap and Scale iOS Interview Questions Answers

Location : Pune
Date : October, 2019
Experience : 3-5 Years

  1. Which location you used for current location, network location or gps location?
  2. What is accuracy of GPS location?
  3. How you will calculate for geo fencing in your mobile app?
  4. Have you done battery optimization for gps or api calling?
  5. What is polymorphism?
  6. What is exception?
  7. What is error?
  8. Difference between error and exception?
  9. Why it is require to handle exception?
  10. Difference between asynchronous and synchronous calls.
  11. How you have used async task?
  12. Which are methods of async task? 4 Methods.
  13. What is multithreading?
  14. Which are methods of threads in Swift?
  15. Difference between thread methods start and run>
  16. What is difference between REST and SOAP api? Why SOAP is more sequre?
  17. What methods of REST? GET, POST.
  18. What are other methods rather than GET and POST?
  19. Difference between GET and POST?
  20. Difference between Core Data and Sqlite?
  21. Why you use swift rather than Objective C?
  22. What they signify? ?, ??, !!
  23. Application Life cycle.
  24. Difference between Inactive and Suspended.
  25. Difference between Background and Inactive.
  26. What is Singleton? Write code.
  27. Write a program for sorting array. Quick sort, merge sort, Heap Sort
  28. Write a program for get only numeric from "a,b,1,2,c,4,d,3"
  29. Swap between two numbers without third variable?

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