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LnT Infotech iOS Interview Questions

Pune, Maharastra
Date : March,  2021

  1. Write MVVM file structure.
  2. How ViewController interact with ViewModel?
  3. How pass data from ViewModel to ViewController?
  4. Can we take ViewModel as Struct instead of Class?
  5. Difference between struct and class.
  6. Is there any way to achieve inheritance in struct?
  7. Can we write computed and stored properties in Protocol?
  8. How many types of closure are there?
  9. Difference between escaping and non escaping closure?
  10. Closure having capture list is escaping or non escaping closure?
  11. Is any other class initialized in any viewcontroller has strong or weak?
  12. How many types of acces specifier in Swift?
  13. Difference between Open and Public.
  14. Difference between Weak and UnOwned.
  15. What is use of defer keyword?
  16. If there are 4 defer statements, then how it will be excecuted?
  17. How and what we will test in MVVM ?
  18. What is Swift package manager?

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