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Saint Gobain iOS Interview Questions

Location : Andheri, Mumbai
Date : Oct, 2018

1. Process of Apple Push Notification
2. Can you convert p12 file into pem files?
3.If I denied push notification permission on start of app, is there any way to send notification to user back? How you know user has denied permission?
4. What is method of register notification and what is method for ask permission for notification? How you again send notification if he has denied permission first time?
5. I have one label in all forms, Where I have to set same text message. Where I have to set this string?
6. What is benefit of Singleton class?
7. What is different between Swift extension and Objective-c category? Where you have used extension in your project?
8. What are size class? How many size class?
9.  I want to transfer value from ViewControllerA to ViewControllerB and also pass value from ViewControllerB to ViewControllerA. How can I achieve this? If using delegate protocol, then write code.
10. Difference between local notification and delegates?
11. Can model and view directly communicate? Can view and controller communicate? How view and controller can communicate? Give example of uitableview for same.
12. UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewsource methods.
13. Application States
14. Difference between Suspended and Termination state
15. How you will decrease app size if your app's size is increasing?
16. In navigation controller, A-B-C-D, I want to come from D TO A, How is it possible?
17. Difference between is ? and ??
18. Difference between struct and class
20. What is optional Chaining?
21. Difference between closure and method
22. Why you use closure in your project? Example of closure. Write code.
23. Difference between Swift and Objective-c protocol
Struct view() {
 var str = "Hi"

Var view1 = view()

Var view2 = view1
View2.str = "hello"


Class view() {
 var str = "Hi"

Var view1 = view()

Var view2 = view1
View2.str = "hello"


25. Have you used an access specifier? Why you have used public Access specifier?
26. What is KVO?
27. What you have used for web services requests?
28. Difference between NSUrl and NSUrlSession
29. What you have used for not blocking your app while the web-service response is coming?
30. What are blocks?
31. Difference between Blocks and Methods

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