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Meru Mobility Tech iOS Interview Questions

Andheri, Mumbai
Date : 4,Aug,2018

‌1. What are types of local storage database
‌2. Can we save data in keychain?
‌3. What is secure type to store datal
‌4. Which type of encryption you have used?
‌5. Rest API and Soap API
‌6. Which API I have used in our project?
‌7. Which are the steps to call API?
‌8. What is end to end requirements for Apple push notifications?
‌9. Which call back method called when notification received?
‌10. What type of features of google maps?
‌11. Which API you have worked in Google map in your project?
‌12. What is difference between mutable array and immutable array?
‌13. Which one is thread safe from mutable array and immutable array?
‌14. Which architect you have used in your project?
‌15. What is MVC? How you have implement this?
‌16. Int Array sorting in ascending
‌17. What is difference between xib and storyboard? Which one is better?
‌18. What is most challenging task you have done in your project?

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