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Netwrok18 Interview Questions

Method : Telephonic
Date : August, 2018

1. Difference between guard and if let. Which one is better to use?
2. How to implement core data in your project step by step? What if I have not select checkbox for core data while creating project?
3. What is lazy keyword?
4. What is lazy loading?
5. What is closure? When do we use closure?
6. What is delegate? How we can create delegate?
7. What is NSNotification?
8. Difference between KVO and KVC.
9. What is GCD?
10. What are difference type of Queues in GCD?
11. Difference between GCD and NSOperationQueue.
12. What does alamofire use internally?
13. In which case, we user NSOperationQueue?
14. Lifecycle of APNS
15. What are difference design pattern? Which are you using?
16. Lifecycle of UIViewController.

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