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Reliance Mutual Fund iOS Interview Questions

Location : Mumbai, India
Date : May, 2019

  1. From where you get tracker data?
  2. How do you fetch data in every 10 seconds from server?
  3. Are you calling API or any push mechanism for getting tracker data?
  4. How Uber, ola working for tracking data?
  5. For API call, what you are using?
  6. How you parse response from alamofire api call?
  7. What is use of swiftyjson?
  8. Do you know about encodable & decodable?
  9. Can we use encodable & decodable class instead of swiftyjson?
  10. What are other options for calling API instead of alamofire?
  11. Different type of task nsurlsession perform?
  12. What is closure in swift?
  13. In objective c, how can avoid crashing of app?
  14. What is if let & guard let?
  15. If I don't write return in guard statement, what would happen?
  16. What basic things required for put any uiview for position?
  17. What is size class?
  18. How many constraints must be applied on uiview?
  19. How constraints internally worked?
  20. How to import alamofire to your project?
  21. What is Cocoa pods for?
  22. How apns works?
  23. What are steps to deploy app to appstore?
  24. How to release app to testflight?
  25. What are design pattern in iOS?
  26. What is delegation pattern?
  27. What is callback function?
  28. How you show loader while calling api in swift?
  29. How to cancel alamofire api request?
  30. Have you used MVVM?
  31. How you show current location blue dot on map?
  32. What is nszombie?
  33. What is GCD?
  34. Difference between DispatchQueue and DispatchGroup
  35. What is difference between struct and class?

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