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Space-O Techonologies iOS Interview Questions

Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Date : Mar, 2019

  1. Life Cycle of View Controller.
  2. What is init method?
  3. Explain about APNS.
  4. How to customize the size of tabbar?
  5. Which payment gateway you used in your past projects? How it works?
  6. How to save cards in payment?
  7. How to draw path from source to destination?
  8. How to fetch user current location?
  9. Can we set priority in asynchronous call?
  10. Explain App Cycle.
  11. Enlist notification delegate methods.
  12. Explain Multiplier and Content hugging.
  13. Difference between if let & guard let.
  14. How to send image to server?
  15. How can save image in NSUserDefault?
  16. Explain singleton class.
  17. What is Provisioning Profile? How to create it?
  18. Difference between google map & apple map?
  19. What is marker clustering in map?

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