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Location : Banglore
Date: March, 2020

  1. When required init method is mandatory? What is that?
  2. What will happen if we put weak and strong in capture list in closure?
  3. Difference between strong and weak reference?
  4. How we stop notification to be sent to device who is uninstalled?
  5. What is better, Force unwrapping or optional binding?
  6. How we can use structure made in Objective-c made in swift?
  7. What is assembler?
  8. How to solve git problem, if I pull before friend push code, what will happen?
  9. What is dependency injection?
  10. Why mvvm is required to be introduced?
  11. Difference between class and structure?
  12. Difference between structure and enum?
  13. What is compile time polymorphism and runtime polymorphism?

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