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Vasudhara Vision iOS Interview Questions

Location : Surat
Date : June,2016
Level : Fresher

1. Difference between C++ and Objective C
4. What is auto-layout?
5. Which view is best for dynamic or unknown length of array?
6. What is logic behind your tic-tac-toe game project?
7. What is used to store task in to-do list app?
8. How to store data in core data?
9. What if did not tick mark for core data at starting?
10. Which api used in weather app?
11. How can I put image on pin on map?
12. How many gestures are there?
13. Hove you used in it?

14. Which 3rd party library you have used in web-service?

15. What is used for json parsing?
16. Have you used map?
19. Do you know background fetch?
20. What you prefer? Xib or storyboard?
21. Have you used portrait and landscape UI?
22. Machine test : 1. Json Parsing and Show data in tableview
                              2. Get current location and see it on label  of latitude, longitude.

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