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Welldoc iOS Interview Questions

Location : Bengaluru
Mode : Telephonic
Date : Feb, 2020

  1. Have you managed security for data passing?
  2. Have you used for security like ssl pinning?
  3. Which encryption you have used for data passing? 3DES is symmetric or asymmetric?
  4. Data encryption and decryption will be slow or fast? How?
  5. First time who sending key for encryption and decryption? Server or mobile app?
  6. What you have done for battery optimization while GPS is on?
  7. Can you explain SOLID principle?
  8. Can you tell me about how many design patterns are there?
  9. Can you explain singleton design pattern?
  10. Can you explain OOPS concept?
  11. What is .dysm file?
  12. What is difference between sqlite and core data?
  13. What is firebase real time database integration?
  14. Can you explain multithreading? How we can achieve in iOS?
  15. What is difference between GCD and OperationQueue?

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