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Wipro iOS Interview Questions

Location : Pune (Telephonic)
Date : October, 2019

  1. What are pillars of oops?
  2. What is abstraction example in ios?
  3. What  is syntax  of singleton class? How we can create singleton  class?
  4. What is subscript?  Give example of use.
  5. Difference between if let &  guard let.
  6. What is initializer?  What are different  types of initializer?  Can we have multiple  I initializer?
  7. What is different  way for serializing Jason or parsing Jason?
  8. What is latest technique to serialize?
  9. What are MVVM  and VIPER?
  10. What is technique in ios to secure your api call?
  11. How can I call 6 api simultaneously?  Tell steps for this?
  12. How arc works in ios?
  13. How to create  retain cycle? How to solve this?
  14. Difference  between weak &  unknown?
  15. When you to use structure  and when to class?
  16. Different  types of size class?
  17. How will you design for iPhone and iPad  design?
  18. Have you use higher order function?
  19. Difference  between  map and compact map?

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