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XEBIA IT iOS Interview Questions

Location : Mumbai (Telephonic)
Date : October, 2019

  1. How you setup for push notifications?
  2. Which architecture you are using in your project?
  3. How to do json serialised in Swift?
  4. What is encodable and decodable?
  5. Are you using any library for otp verify if login is using Mobile number?
  6. Explain OOPS concept?
  7. If you want to add methods for any class, if source available or not, how you can achieve?
  8. What is delegate?
  9. Why delegate is weak?
  10. What are generics in swift?
  11. How to save data in core data?
  12. Difference between Struct and Class.
  13. How memory allocated for struct? Compile time or dynamic time?
  14. Which is faster, class or struct?
  15. What is MVVM?
  16. What is other patterns you used apart from MVC?
  17. What is protocol extension?
  18. What is the different control transfer keyword in Swift?
  19. Difference between Break and Continue?

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