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How to release app to testflight?

Ans :

Q. What is TestFlight?
A. TestFlight is a platform provided by Apple that allows you to send a testable version of your app to specific beta users. It’s important to realise this is different than the App Store (which is available to the general public). Once you send a user a TestFlight invitation, they must download the TestFlight app where they can download and use a specific version of your app for 60 days.

App resource and deployment to TestFlight :

Apple’s Developer Portal. Here you create a distinct IDs for an App, get your certificates and much more.
iTunes Connect is where you manage your app, its details, screenshots, and who all has access to the different types of the app info (like Revenue, and User stats).

  1. Register bundle identifier i.e on site. Add capabilities if any.
  2. Develop, Download and Install required certificates (ad hoc distribution for TestFlight). 
  3. In iTunes Connect, register your app with required fields.
  4. Goto TestFlight tab, there is no any builds right now.
  5. Now goto  Xcode and Select generic device and then goto  Product > Archive and Choose valid distribution certificate and upload to App Store. It will only uploaded to iTunes Connect portal.

If you go back to the TestFlight tab and click on the iOS TestFlight Builds sidebar item you will now see that your archive is being processed by iTunes Connect. This should take ~15 mins and you will receive an email when done.

Now that our build is on iTunes Connect we need to set up Internal and/or External TestFlight Testing.

After processing, select version no to send to tester, fill required information about what to test, what types of testers or group app has to be sent for testing. After submit, after  sometime, tester will get email or may get notification about new build with version is ready to test.

BuddyBuild or Hockey App are for alternatives to TestFlight.

Source : Quick Guide - Daniel Mathews

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