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247 Software iOS Interview Questions

Location : Pune
Date : March, 2019
Mode : Skype

1. Can structure confirm protocol?
2. Can enumeration confirm protocol?
3. Can we declare variable in protocol?
4. Can we add function in enumeration?
5. What is closure? Why we use closure instead of function sometime?
6. Closure is value type or reference type?
7. Do you know escaping and non-escaping closure?
8. How to handle exception in swift?
9. How can define function throw error?
10. Difference between normal function and function ending throw?
11. What are condition for making Singleton class?
12. Why we use static variable in Singleton class?
13. When static variable deinitialize?
14. In which memory static variable stored? Stack, heap,..? -> Heap
15. Disadvantage of Singleton Class.
16. List of access specifier.
17. Difference between public and internal access specifier.
18. Difference between open and public.
19. What is file private? What if multiple class in single file without file private?
20. Tell me something about delegate.
21. Base class for uitableview, Unbutton, nsobject.
22. Is it compulsory to mention nsobject in swift inheritance ?
23. Swift is protocol oriented or object oriented?
24. Importance of protocol.
25. Difference between swift protocol and objective C protocol.
26. Content hugging resistance and content hugging priority.
27. What are size classes?
28. Size class for iPad.
29. Where closure will be stored?
30. Difference between Swift and objective-c.

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