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Asterika Infotech iOS Interview Questions

Location : Sion, Mumbai, Maharastra
Date : April, 2019

  1. What is binding and what are the types of bindings?
  2. What’s new in swift 5?
  3. What is encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction?
  4. What is priority in constraints?
  5. Explain process of push notifications.
  6. What is size classes?
  7. Difference between delegates and protocols?
  8. Difference between obj c and swift?
  9. Difference between strong and weak?
  10. How to fetch user's current location in background?
  11. Life cycle of viewcontroller?
  12. Write code for protocols.
  13. Life cycle of application.
  14. How to install third party api without using pod and file drag drop?
  15. What is thread?
  16. What is gcd? Why we use?
  17. Process to upload app on app store?
  18. How you do unit testing from xcode?
  19. Why we use mvc?
  20. How will you implement all types of inheritance? Write code for individual.
  21. Difference between soap and rest?
  22. Difference between get and post?
  23. How to store local data securely in phone?
  24. What is NSOperation? How we use?
  25. What are the database? Which one you choose? Why?
  26. Benefits of FCM?
  27. Difference between array and nsarray?
  28. Difference between cocoa and cocoa touch?
  29. What is string interpolation?
  30. What is memory management?
  31. How to identify how much memory is using your app?
  32. Device token will be changed or not if we uninstall and reinstall the app ?

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