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Synergy Technology Service iOS Interview Questions

Location : Andheri, Mumbai

1. Have you used iprinter or any way to print from your app?
2. What are different types trigger point of local notification? I.e location based
3. Why soap request? Why everyone use rest API?
4. Do you know SMTP? Is it soap type or rest type?
5. What is category in Objective-C?
6. What are blocks in Objective-C?
7. For API call, which you are working on, normal, aftp or any third-party library?
8. Difference between block and completion handler
9. What blocks basically do? Why we use blocks?
10. In navigation view controller, form is open from right to left. I want to open from bottom to top. How? What type of presentation is there for bottom to top?
11. How many ways we can present view controller?
12. After getting data from web response, how to store or parse data?
13. What is Object mapping that helping Jon parsing?
14. In iphone,I want label at top side and in iPad I want label in center, how will I manage this?
15. What kind of encryption you have managed in your application? 
16. Have you used a third party for encryption, internet reachability?
17. Is apple have reachability methods?
18. You have called web service. Meanwhile, how can you check for network availability?
19. How can you manage 2 storyboard navigation?
20. Why table view cell separator leave some space before?
21. How to customize UIButton such as label comes under image?
22. How to make round button of square button using static property?
23. How to take multiple type of cell in uitableview? If you manage cell using if else if condition, what other options?
24. Why we use struct?
25. Difference between struct and class?
26. In Struct and class init must be written or not? Like initwitjTitleandAge.
Strct {
   Var title : String
   Var age : Int
Class {
  Var title : String
   Var age : Int
27. Difference between

let assumedInt: Int! = 123
let assumedInt: Int? = 123

28. Can I store null value in info.plist?
29. Can I store class data in NSUserDefault?
30. What is a bundle identifier?
31. What is Team Id?
32. Is my app id = team id + bundle id?
33. What is app id?
34. Where you can set background functionality like background music?

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