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Angel Broking iOS Interview Questions

Location : Andheri, Mumbai
Date : Feb, 2020

  1. What are major features coming in swift 5?
  2. What is scene delegate?
  3. Application lifecycle.
  4. ViewController lifecycle
  5. Difference between objective c and swift
  6. Why swift is considered as Protocol Oriented language?
  7. Difference between class and struct.
  8. What will happened, if  I write var strcut2 = strcut1, retain count of strcut1 will be increased or not?
  9. Difference between coredata and sqlite.
  10. What is closure?
  11. What is capture and capture list in closure?
  12. Higher ordered function of array?
  13. What is map function in swift?
  14. What is way to make optional method in swift protocol?
  15. Tell me about Generics.
  16. Describe APNS Cycle.
  17. What is payload size?
  18. What is happened with push notifications if device has not internet connection?
  19. Push notification stored in apple system in sequential format or what?

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