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GOQII iOS Interview Questions

Location : Govandi, Mumbai
Date : June, 2019

  1. What is difference between swift and objective c?
  2. Difference between Swift 3 and Swift 4?
  3. What is your role in developing application?
  4. What are architecture of your file structure in xCode?
  5. What is alternate of Alamofire in swift?
  6. How you get response in your viewcontroller from alamofire api call?
  7. What is use of closure?
  8. What is layer in core data?
  9. Difference between NSOperation and GCD?
  10. Why delegate is weak?
  11. Difference between delegate and protocol?
  12. How apple push notification works?
  13. How device token is generated?
  14. How app will launch while tapping on app icon?

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