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Bruviti Pune iOS Interview Questions Answers

Location : Pune
Date : October, 2019
Experience : 3-5 Years

Bruviti (Predictive Analytics)
Another name : K2

  1. OOPS Concept.
  2. Difference between encapsulation and abstraction.
  3. How we achieve encapsulation and abstraction in iOS?
  4. Write code for creating custom protocol?
  5. How class confirm protocol in objective c and swift?
  6. Application life cycle
  7. Difference between background state and suspended state.
  8. How much time code can be executed in background? What will occur after that? What If I download something that can takes much time, what will be occur?
  9. Which inheritance objective c support?
  10. What is base class?
  11. View Controller life cycle.
  12. How many times Viewdidload and layoutsubviews called?
  13. Which method will first called if I came from back button?
  14. What will occur if I have tableview in uiscrollview, if I scroll?
  15. What is UIResponder Chain?
  16. What are UITextField delegate methods?
  17. Which method called when I click on next, done button?
  18. How cellForRowAtIndexPath methods works?
  19. What is dequecellreusablecellidentifier? What are overloading of deque methods? What are purpose for both?
  20. What is GCD?
  21. How we can achieve concurrency type in Objective C and Swift?
  22. What is auto-release-pool?
  23. What is ARC?
  24. How APNS works?
  25. What is RICH Notification?
  26. Which design patterns are there?
  27. What is MVC?
  28. What is Singleton pattern?

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