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Cousins Infotech iOS Interview Questions

Location : Surat, Gujarat
Date : June, 2016
Level : Fresher

2. Explain Object Overloading, Overriding
7. What is .h and .m file in objective c?
9. What is IBOutlet and IBAction?
12. What is synthesize?
13. What is an interface in objective c?
14. How to show webservice json data in UI? How to mark get/post method for web-service for json parsing?
15. Difference between NSArray & NSDictionary.
16. Which framework is used for our UI or Views?
18. What is cocoa pods?
19. What are constraints?
23. What is a combined string and divide string?
25. What is autolayout?
28. What is a gesture recognizer?
29. How to popup alert view controller?
30. How to put yes, no button in the alert view controller?
32. What is let in swift?
33. What is diff between let and var?
34. Any social integration knowledge?
37. Which functionality we need in cab application?
39. Do you know about ionic, PhoneGap?

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