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Interview - 1

Posted by Annonymous :
Thank you for him.
Date : 23, September,2018

1. About Projects
‌2. Difference between tableview and collection view
‌2. Which is better scroll view or page view or collection view and why
‌3. Difference between bounds and frame
‌If I want have a label in a uiview, what will be the bounds and frame
‌4. What are generics in swift?
‌5. What are MVC depth?
‌6. What is in out parameters
‌7. Access specifier in swift
‌8. Stackviews advantages. why and when to use stackviews?
‌9. What are size classes? Explain with example
‌10. How to handle optional in swift?
‌11. Have you worked with Auto layout?
‌12. How to submit an app to app store?
‌13. What is app thinning?
‌14. What is a singleton class?
‌15. What are closures?
‌16.  What is extension and when and why to use them?
‌17. When to use a collection view and when to use a tableview?
‌18. What are observables in swift?

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