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Interview - 2

Submitted by Annonymous
Thanks to him for sharing.
Date : 25, September, 2018

  1. How to use obj c file in swift and vice versa?
  2. how objective c is better than swift?
  3. Features of swift. Optional
  4. Tuples. Diference between tuples and struct and class.
  5. Generics.
  6. What is a functional programming language?
  7. Higher order functions. Maps, filters, reduce
  8. Various design pattern in iOS
  9. What are the disadvantages of MVC design pattern
  10. What is MVVM?
  11. What is Singleton Design pattern?
  12. What are delegates?
  13. What is the difference between delegate and kvo.
  14. Concurrency in iOS
  15. What are Synchronous and asynchronous tasks
  16. What is NSOperationQueue?
  17. Difference between GCD and NSOperationQueue
  18. How to save data in SQLite security?
  19. On view two label A & B,On iphone 5 & iphone 6, I want Label B below of label A And other devices it wants in the Same Line. How can I achieve it?
  20. Inbuilt encryption Technic in iOS.
  21. Difference between SHA and AES encryption.
  22. How to use swift class in objective c class?
  23. Which precaution we have to take care of, of implementing Autolayout programmatically for both iPhone and iPad?
  24. How to maintain concurrency between SQLite update query and database delete query?
  25. Mapping on SQLite database.
  26. How to restrict users to fetch SQLite files?
  27. What are Vary Traits and where to use them?
  28. Category and extension difference
  29. Struct and Class difference
  30. what is protocol?
  31. Closure
  32. Convenience initializer
  33. what is overloading?
  34. what is override?

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