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Call Ambulance iOS Interview Questions

Company: Call Ambulance
Location: Hyderabad
Date: September 2018

1.  How to configure push notifications?
2. What is gcd? Explain it.
3. Did u worked on geofencing? Explain methods in brief.
4. To upload 10 images what u will use?
5. Explanation of threads concept.
6. Did u used instruments?? If yes. For what purpose you used it?
7. What is the difference between swift 3 and 4.2?
8. Explain about the View life cycle.
9. Which payment gateway u implemented in ur projects?
10. What are the categories how u used those explain?
11. What is size class?
12. Difference between assign and retain.
13. Difference between Swift array and objective c array.

Practical Task :

Save locations and create geo-fencing there with a radius of 100 meters. While entering or exiting from that radius we should get one local notification.

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