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NeoSoft Technologies iOS Interview Questions

Location : Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra
Date : March, 2019

  1. What are different methods to create NSOperationQueue?
  2. What is GIT stash?
  3. What is presenter class and how to show data in it?
  4. NSOperationQueue Vs. GCD.
  5. Different collection types in swift and their differences.
  6. How is 'Set' different from 'Array'? List out different methods of 'Set'.
  7. Functional programming?
  8. Mutability in struct.
  9. Codable advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Extension limitations.
  11. Any Vs. AnyObject.
  12. Create a protocol which can only conform to classes.
  13. Disadvantages of Core Data.
  14. If let Vs. Guard let.
  15. Unit test cases.
  16. Code coverage.
  17. Swift Vs. Objective-C.

Location : Dadar, Mumbai, MaharastrMa
Date : April, 2019

  1. What Is NSPredicate?
  2. Which Class Will Be Used For Sorting?
  3. Difference Between SOAP n REST?
  4. Process To Integrate Google Map?
  5. How To Add Custom Marker On Map?
  6. What Is GCD? 
  7. How To Add Priority In Multithreading?
  8. What Is Map() Function?
  9. What Is Optional Binding And Optional Chaining?
  10. Application States
  11. Steps To Integrate FCM?
  12. Delegate methods Of Firebase Notification ?
  13. What Is Silent Notifications?
  14. Difference Between NSArray And NSSet?
  15. What Is Atomic and Non Atomic?
  16. ViewController Life Cycle.
  17. Difference Between Protocols And Notificationcenter.
  18. How To Play Audio Video In App?
  19. What is data task for URLSession?
  20. Delegate and Data Source Methods Of Tableview.
  21. What is safe area?
  22. How To Share Something On Social Media (Like Fb, Twitter, Insta) From Ur App ?
  23. Difference Between App Bundle And File Directory?
  24. Types Of Provisioning Profile.
  25. How To Record Audio And Video?
  26. How To Solve Conflict In Git Repositories?
  27. How To Handle Crashes In Swift ?
  28. How To Do Unit Test In Xcode ?
  29. How To Declare Custom Cell?
  30. What Is The Use Of dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier ?
  31. How To Declare Protocols? Write Code?
  32. How To Compress Image Or Video?
  33. How To Check Whether It Is Dictionary Or Array When We Get Response From Server?
  34. What Is Escaping And Non Escaping Closures?
  35. How To Pass Closure As A Parameter To A Function?

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