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Shoppers Stop iOS Interview Questions

Location : Malad, Mumbai
October, 2018

1. What is optional?
2. Why optional feature is introduced in Swift?
3. How do you check whether optional has value or not?
4. How many way we check optional has value?
5. Is exclamation mark for unwrapping is good practice?
6. What is optional chaining?
7. Why did we used structure?
8. Which Swift version you are working?
9. What is @escape keyword?
10. If I have array of 1 to 9. I have switch in which I am passing number as 5. Case is like that number > 9, number > 8,. ...number >1.  If case number > 4 is execute , then control goes out of switch. But I want to execute next cases. How can I do?
11. IBOutlet in uiviewcontroller what property attribute is good? Strong or weak.
12. I have 100 cells. In each cell I have 5 button. How can I check which cell button is clicked?
13. On click on button, customcell.swift or viewcontroller.swift, in which control of program goes?
14. What is ideal practise for cell button click event declaration in which, customcell.swift or viewcontroller.swift?
15. UITableViewCell height auto
16. How to implement protocol method in our view controller's?
17. What is extension?
18. Why we need extension? Have you used? Where?
19. Which type of web service you have used?
20. How you have passed parameters to web service?
21. How to call 3 web services asynchronously? What will happen after calling web service? Is it stopped or any other flow is working?
22. Have you used GitHub?
23. Have you used cocoa pods?
24. Sqlite FMDB or normal?
24. I have 3 services which fetches, insert, delete records for SQLite. But the response came at the same time. How you will manage?
25. How you manage for sqlite, if fetch, update,delete action from from 3 different threads at a time on row?
26. Flow of push notifications
27. I install app the first time, what will happen with push notifications?
28. Where push notifications tokens generated?
29. What is @escaping and @nonescaping?

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  1. Ans

    tableView.rowHeight = UITableViewAutomaticDimension

    tableView.estimatedRowHeight = any height i.e 22

    28. On device generated by apple notification server

  2. 1.
    Optional is an enum data type, basically it has two cases.
    1. It is in set state,
    2. It is in non set state.

    1. Can you elaborate it what is optional and why this feature is introduced in swift?

    2. An optional acts as a container for a value of a particular type. The container holds a value or it doesn't.

    3. But why it introduced in swift?

  3. 7.
    --> Faster execution than classes
    --> Thread safety
    --> Less memory leaks
    --> Do not use reference counting
    --> With classes you get inheritance and are passed by reference, structs do not have inheritance and are passed by value.
    --> Structs get an automatic initializer