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Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Date : Mar, 2019

  1. Different between map and flat map (Higher order function)
  2. Advantage of Swif over Objective C.
  3. Difference between MVC and Viper.
  4. What is protocol explain with a little example?
  5. Explain the map with a little example(higher-order function).
  6. Difference between NSOperation queue and GCD.
  7. When to use GCD and NSOperation queue in your application?
  8. Test cases in Xcode (like how to find a bug, how to find unusual array, string.)
  9. How many types of storage in iOS?
  10. Advantage of Core Data over Sqlite.
  11. Is it possible to use primary key, foreign key in core data?
  12. How to delete data from coredata? Explain query.
  13. How to generate developer certificate?
  14. If we revoke developer certificate then live app (app store application ) is working or not working?
  15. Explain your app's tough part and you fill proud to do it.

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