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In Objective C, how can avoid crashing of app?

Ans. :

There are multiple aspects to your questions, let me try to answer them:

  • NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler only catches uncaught exceptions which is only a small subset of possible crashes. 
  • Exceptions in Objective-C are defined to be fatal and it is not recommended to catch them and even more not recommended to run any non-async safe code, which includes any Objective-C and Swift code. 
  • To catch crashes you need to setup signal handlers and then only run async-safe code at the time of the crash, which is only a small subset of C. Especially you may not allocate new memory at crash time at all.

signal(SIGABRT, SignalHandler);
signal(SIGILL, SignalHandler);
signal(SIGSEGV, SignalHandler);
signal(SIGFPE, SignalHandler);
signal(SIGBUS, SignalHandler);
signal(SIGPIPE, SignalHandler);

This will works for most situations.

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