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What is lazy loading?

Ans :  Lazy Loading Images is a technique to resolve loading image from the web. The thing is that, I need to display images directly from the web in UIImageView or any other control. 

For this, if you simply try to set the image using in-built setImage method then your application gets stuck while loading image from the web. To overcome this issue, there is a technique generally known as Lazy Loading Image. The thing actually happening in lazy loading is that the task of image loading from web is performed in background and at that time a temporary placeholder image is displayed in the control. When the actual image is fully loaded from the web, it is replaced with the placeholder image and you get your actual image on the control without having stuck interface.

You can use third party library to load image :  SDWebImage

Try to make own coding for loading image from URL and Save in cache and display in imageView.

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