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Futurism Technologies iOS Interview Questions

Location : Pune
Date : March, 2021

  1. Have you used in SwiftUI?
  2. What is CD/CD?
  3. What is dependency injection? What is reason to do dependency injection?
  4. What is advantage and disadvantage of dependency injection?
  5. What is singleton pattern?
  6. What is disadvantage of singleton pattern?
  7. What is defer? If method having 2 defer block, which one defer block will be executed?
  8. What is optional chaining?
  9. What is subscript?
  10. What is use of optional binding?
  11. Why swift is called protocol oriented?
  12. Difference between object oriented language and protocol oriented language?
  13. Difference between class and struct.
  14. Give example where we should make struct.
  15. What is type of closure?
  16. What is use of closure?
  17. What is trailing closure?
  18. What is use of escaping closure?
  19. What is auto closure?
  20. What is type method?
  21. Difference between method and function.
  22. What is type property?
  23. Difference between type method and class method?
  24. What is mutating method?
  25. Why mutating in class is not good practice?
  26. What is lazy property?
  27. Is lazy property is let or var?
  28. What is retain cycle?
  29. IS delegate is weak or strong?
  30. What is category?
  31. Is it possible to add property in category?
  32. When we can use extension in Objective-C?
  33. What is KVC and KVO ?
  34. How you implement KVO in swift ?
  35. How you implement KVO in Objective C?
  36. Difference between Objective C and Swift ?
  37. What is atomic and non atomic property?
  38. Have you used vision framework?
  39. What is remote config in firebase?

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