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Intelegain Technology iOS Interview Questions

Location : Turbhe
Date : September, 2018

  1. What is difference between datasource and delegates?
  2. What are methods of Uitableviewdelegate and Uitableviewdatasource?
  3. ‌Which design pattern you are using?
  4. ‌What are MVC?
  5. ‌What are persistent storage in iOS?
  6. ‌What is difference between coredata and sqlite?
  7. ‌Have you use sqlite?
  8. ‌For what purpose we are using sqlite in our app?
  9. What is category in objective c?
  10. ‌What you have used for webservice parsing?
  11. How do we implement multithreading?
  12. What is GCD?
  13. Have you used core location framework?
  14. ‌For display Google map, what you have used?
  15. Can you tell me collectionview delegates and datasource methods?
  16. ‌Have you experience of  iPad app?
  17. ‌Do you need another storyboard for iPad UI?
  18. ‌Can we have multiple storyboard?
  19. ‌Why you need another storyboard required?
  20. ‌Can you explain viewcontroller  lifecycle?
  21. ‌Have you used stack view? What is need to use stack view?
  22. ‌In which format you are uploading image?
  23. ‌How many way we can store image on server?
  24. Which is first method when app start?
  25. When push notification comes, which method get called?

New Questions :
Date : 27, September, 2018

  1. What is delegate?
  2. What is need of protocol?
  3. What is diff between delegate and notification?
  4. Want is collection type in Objective-C and Swift?
  5. What is extension in Swift?
  6. What is different between Swift and Objective-c?
  7. What is sub classing?
  8. Oops concept
  9. What is difference between class, enum and structure?
  10. What is difference between strong and weak?
  11. What is optional chaining and optional binding?
  12. What is meaning of following in Swift

16.What do you know about MVC and MVVM ?

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